An Egalitarian Kotel

In the movie The Ten Commandments, Moses comes down the mountain with two tablets, containing the 10 laws that the Israelites are to follow. I love that movie. But it doesn’t tell the whole story. Jewish tradition tells says what happened at Sinai was far bigger than any 10 Commandments. It was even bigger thenContinue reading “An Egalitarian Kotel”

More Than Words: A Sermon for D’varim 5775

Here’s a joke: It was the middle of Shabbat morning services, and the rabbi noticed that old Irv Cohen was asleep in the third row. So he elbowed the Temple President and said, “Cohen is asleep again. Go wake him up!” The President answered: “That’s not fair.” So the rabbi replied, “What do you mean?Continue reading “More Than Words: A Sermon for D’varim 5775”

Between Holy and Ordinary (or “Why I Turn Off My Work Email on Shabbat”)

Once we were slaves. Now we are free. Shabbat is Zecher Liy’tziyat Mitzrayim – a reminder of our Exodus from slavery. On Shabbat, we are meant to embrace freedom, to throw off the shackles of the things that enslave us. As a Reform Jew, I take seriously the mitzvah of Shamor et Yom Hashabbat –Continue reading “Between Holy and Ordinary (or “Why I Turn Off My Work Email on Shabbat”)”