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Real Jewish learning for real busy people!

Study the Torah portion in an interesting and engaging way. Each week I discuss the weekly parashah in about 7 to 10 minutes – weaving together philosophy, spirituality and tradition, and deriving meaning for today’s life from our ancient texts. Longer episodes include a bonus interview with leading rabbis and Jewish thought leaders.

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Bahar: Boldly Go 🖖🏼 Seven Minute Torah

This week's parashah is about the Sabbatical year, in which the land lies fallow and all debts and servitude are forgiven. We find a lesson there, and in Star Trek, about living your best life.
  1. Bahar: Boldly Go 🖖🏼
  2. Emor: The Corners of Your Face/Field (encore)
  3. Kedoshim: You shall be holy
  4. Achrei Mot: Yom Kippur in April??
  5. Pesach: Fifty Exoduses
  6. Pesach: Telling the Story
  7. Metzora: Learning to Say ”I Don’t Know”

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