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Making Modern Meaning from Our Ancient Texts

On Seven Minute Torah, we discuss the weekly Torah portion in about 7 to 10 minutes. Weaving together philosophy, spirituality and tradition, we make modern meaning from our ancient sacred texts – reading them through liberal Jewish eyes.

Longer episodes include a bonus interview with leading rabbis and Jewish thought leaders.

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Shavuot and Gender Roles Seven Minute Torah

The Torah commands that "all your males shall appear" before God on Shavuot. Why does it exclude women from participating in this part (but not other parts) of the holiday celebration? What are we supposed to do with it as modern, egalitarian Jews? — Seven Minute Torah is a production of LAASOK. For info on our weekly Zoom Torah study groups or other learning opportunities go to To support the production of this podcast, visit or To join the Seven Minute Torah Facebook group: Comments or questions? Email me at
  1. Shavuot and Gender Roles
  2. In the Wilderness (B’midbar) – A Conversation with Rabbi Judith Siegal
  3. You Don’t Own Your Land (B’har-B’chukotai)
  4. Emor: The Problem with Leftovers
  5. Achrei Mot-Kedoshim: Holiness is ALL of our responsibility
  6. Tazria/Metzora: The Leper Messiah
  7. Sh’mini: Aaron’s Silence and the Gun Violence Epidemic

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