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Making Modern Meaning from Our Ancient Texts

On Seven Minute Torah, we discuss the weekly Torah portion in about 7 to 10 minutes. Weaving together philosophy, spirituality and tradition, we make modern meaning from our ancient sacred texts – reading them through liberal Jewish eyes.

Longer episodes include a bonus interview with leading rabbis and Jewish thought leaders.

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V’etchanan: Teach Them To Your Children Seven Minute Torah

This week we dig into the Shema and the command to "v'shinantam l'vanecha – teach (words of Torah) to your children." How has this become such a central idea in Jewish life today? To become a supporter of Seven Minute Torah, visit Join our Facebook group: Questions or comments? Email me at  
  1. V’etchanan: Teach Them To Your Children
  2. D’varim & Tisha B’Av: Learning from the Past
  3. Mattot-Masei: What About the Hard Parts of Torah?
  4. Pinchas: Zealotry, Extremism, and ”Covenant of Peace” (A Conversation with Rabbi Stacey Blank)
  5. Balak: Pro-Shenanigans
  6. Chukat: Finding Miriam’s Voice
  7. Korach: Judaism Doesn’t Ban Abortion

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