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Jewish learning for busy people!

With stories, lessons, and humour, Rabbi Micah Streiffer explores the weekly Torah portion in just 7 minutes. New episodes every Thursday or Friday, just in time for Shabbat.

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Chukat: The Rituals that Bring Us Meaning Seven Minute Torah

This week's Torah portion describes a ritual that even the Rabbinic commentators can't explain! What does it teach us about the power of ritual and positive habit to bring goodness into our lives?
  1. Chukat: The Rituals that Bring Us Meaning
  2. Korach: Holy is an Action
  3. Sh'lach: At our Worst and at our Best
  4. B'haalot'cha: How Moses Grows as a Leader
  5. Naso: The Ceremony of Bitter Waters
  6. Bamidbar: Lift Up the Heads
  7. Behar-Bechukotai: The Sabbatical Year and Giving Up Control

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