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Real Jewish learning for real busy people!

Study the Torah portion in an interesting and engaging way. Each week I discuss the weekly parashah in about 7 to 10 minutes – weaving together philosophy, spirituality and tradition, and deriving meaning for today’s life from our ancient texts. Longer episodes include a bonus interview with leading rabbis and Jewish thought leaders.

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Miketz: Jewish Life in Diaspora Seven Minute Torah

Among other things, Joseph is the first "Diaspora Jew." How does his story in this week's parashah mirror and inspire Jewish life today?
  1. Miketz: Jewish Life in Diaspora
  2. Vayeshev: An Act of Joseph
  3. Vayishlach: From Jacob to Israel
  4. Vayetze: Responsible for Each Other
  5. Toldot: How (Not) to Disagree (encore)
  6. Chayei Sarah: They Buried him Together
  7. Vayera: From Mundane to Sacred

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