Writings & Publications

These links will take you to some of my work in other publications:

And here is a partial listing of my published works in print.

  • “#JewishWomenToo: Rape and Sexual Harassment in the Bible.” Co-authored with Rabbi Judith Schindler. (The Reform Jewish Quarterly, Central Conference of American Rabbis. New York, Winter 2020. 4-15.)
  • “Free to Disconnect.” An essay published in the revised Gates of Shabbat: A Guide for Observing Shabbat. (CCAR Press) pp. 21-22.
  • “A Mitzvah of Inclusion? Halachah Surrounding Children with Special Needs.” A paper published in The Modern Child and Jewish Law (Edited by Walter Jacob, Solomon B. Freehof Institute of Progressive Jewish Law; Pittsburgh, 2017.)
  • C.Ha, vols. 6 & 8 (Editor). A children’s e-magazine on Jewish issues. (Torah Aura Productions, 2001, 2003)
  • “Stories We Live By.” A set of “Instant Lessons” on Jewish values. (Torah Aura Productions: 2001.)
  • History of Israel: Teacher’s Guide. Co-authored with Joel Lurie Grishaver. (Torah Aura Productions: 2001.)

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