Break the Bonds of Injustice: A Sermon about Race

This is the sermon that I delivered on Yom Kippur morning 5781/2000. It is about racism, privilege, bias, and justice – and about our responsibility to confront this issue and to ensure a just society. The text is below, or you can watch it here: Twenty seven centuries ago, a man stood up in aContinue reading “Break the Bonds of Injustice: A Sermon about Race”

Moses and “Moses” – Celebrating Harriet Tubman

They say that “absence makes the heart grow fonder.” I’m not so sure about that. This weekend, Jewish families all over the world will sit down at their tables for the Passover Seder. This season celebrates freedom; it acknowledges that somewhere in the depths of our history/mythology we were slaves. And that through forces humanContinue reading “Moses and “Moses” – Celebrating Harriet Tubman”