Hineini: Celebrating Jewish Choices

NOTE: This is the sermon that I delivered on Yom Kippur Morning 5778 (2017). It gives the thinking behind my decision to begin officiating at Jewish weddings that include a non-Jewish partner. In ancient times, long before they were synagogues or rabbis or prayerbooks, there was the shofar. In those days, the shofar was soundedContinue reading “Hineini: Celebrating Jewish Choices”

Why I Walk to Shul: Shabbat As Mindfulness

It’s raining outside today, which has me thinking about an old joke: Q: What does a bear do when it rains? A: It gets wet. Let’s contrast that to what I do when it rains: First, I check the weather with Siri to see exactly what time it will be raining and for how long.Continue reading “Why I Walk to Shul: Shabbat As Mindfulness”

“Stayed On Freedom”

“I woke up this morning with my mind stayed on freedom.” This week, as part of the CCAR rabbinical convention in Atlanta, I had the opportunity to explore the Civil Rights movement, through a tour of the Center for Civil and Human Rights, lectures from leaders of the Southern Poverty Law Center and the NAACP,Continue reading ““Stayed On Freedom””