Watch Anat’s Arrest at the Kotel

For those who haven’t seen it yet, here is the video of Anat Hoffman’s arrest at the Kotel for carrying a Torah scroll.  Looks eerily like images of the 1960s Civil Rights movement. Notice some of the women (including Anat) wearing thair tallitot wrapped around them like a scarf. This is because some women haveContinue reading “Watch Anat’s Arrest at the Kotel”

The Old Shall Be New and the New Shall be Sacred

This quote from Rav Kook (the first Chief Rabbi of Israel) is the theme for this year’s convention of the Central Conference of American Rabbis, which I am attending in San Francisco. The convention, obviously, is about embracing the future and all of its social implications for Judaism. For example, we heard yesterday from JoeContinue reading “The Old Shall Be New and the New Shall be Sacred”

Reform and Conservative Judaism… What’s the Difference?

Rabbi Noah Zvi Farkas has an interesting article in the New York Jewish Week entitled “The Re-founding of Conservative Judaism,” in which he argues that Conservative Judaism has outgrown its historical reasons for existence and needs a “re-founding” based on community organizing. He’s probably right. But as a Reform rabbi, it got me to thinkingContinue reading “Reform and Conservative Judaism… What’s the Difference?”

Whose Kotel is it Anyway?

JTA and Haaretz are reporting that as of last Thursday, Israeli citizenship ceremonies for new immigrants will no longer be held at the Western Wall plaza in Jerusalem. This is in keeping with a demand from the rabbi of the Wall that mixed-gender ceremonies may not be held in the vicinity of the site. TheContinue reading “Whose Kotel is it Anyway?”