Elu V’Elu: Sometimes there’s more than one right answer

NOTE: This entry was cross-posted at Jewish Values Online. People often ask me questions like: What does Reform Judaism say about the afterlife? Do Reform Jews have to keep kosher? Are Reform Jews allowed to drive on Shabbat? In many cases, the answer to these questions is: “It depends.” Among the central values of ReformContinue reading “Elu V’Elu: Sometimes there’s more than one right answer”

Building an Inclusive Jewish Community

Both as a rabbi and as a parent, it is important to me that Judaism be inclusive of people with special needs. Today, more and more, young people who have Autism, Aspergers, Down’s Syndrome, and other similar challenges are being encouraged to participate to their full potential in Jewish life! Purely by coincidence, I’ve hadContinue reading “Building an Inclusive Jewish Community”

Reform and Conservative Judaism… What’s the Difference?

Rabbi Noah Zvi Farkas has an interesting article in the New York Jewish Week entitled “The Re-founding of Conservative Judaism,” in which he argues that Conservative Judaism has outgrown its historical reasons for existence and needs a “re-founding” based on community organizing. He’s probably right. But as a Reform rabbi, it got me to thinkingContinue reading “Reform and Conservative Judaism… What’s the Difference?”