T’fillah – Like Child’s Play

If there is anything that the URJ Biennial is known for (other than Obama, this year), it is the Shabbat services. Services at the Biennial tend to be big, musical, and highly orchestrated. The key word there is BIG –  it’s hard to be anything but, when you have 5000 people in the room! ThisContinue reading “T’fillah – Like Child’s Play”

Sukkot: Measuring the Years

Sukkot is the strangest holiday we have, and it has the strangest rituals. It’s one thing to sit around the table and eat and sing (like we do on every holiday). It’s quite another thing to build a shack in the back yard and wave around a bunch of plants in all directions.  What’s thatContinue reading “Sukkot: Measuring the Years”

The Four Children (of Star Wars)

In the section called the “Four Sons,” the Passover seder very wisely recognizes that different children learn differently, depending on their disposition, level of knowledge, age, etc. Here’s how I got my kids to care about the Four Sons at our seder last night: ———————————————————————————————————————————- The Wise Son The wise son almost always follows theContinue reading “The Four Children (of Star Wars)”

Pesach Songs – What’s Your Fave?

My favorite Passover song is Adir Hu. (Click on the words to  listen. I don’t know who that guy is, but he sings a mean Adir Hu.) I like it for no other reason than that I love the melody. The optimism of the tune matches the optimism of the lyrics, which mean: “May GodContinue reading “Pesach Songs – What’s Your Fave?”