We Can’t Change the Past (A Sermon for Yom Kippur 5772)

A great scholar once taught that: The future hasn’t been written yet. The future is whatever you make it. Those are wise words, especially for Yom Kippur, as we sit and ponder the coming year, ponder the future. But I’ll bet you’ll never guess who it was that said those wise words. It wasn’t aContinue reading “We Can’t Change the Past (A Sermon for Yom Kippur 5772)”

Information Overload: Is Shabbat the Solution?

These days, we spend our lives connected to information,  and connected electronically to the world. At any moment of the day, you can find out the answer to almost any question; and at any moment of the day, others can reach you – through email, phone, online social networking, etc. This kind of access –Continue reading “Information Overload: Is Shabbat the Solution?”