Starting the Day Off Right

This morning, when I first opened my eyes, I looked at the time and said “Aw, sh*t….” Those were the actual first words I uttered today. Granted, it had been a particularly rough night. I had gone to bed late, and had been up once with the dog, once with a kid, and once withContinue reading “Starting the Day Off Right”

The Mindfulness Lizard

Don’t move, lizard. I want to capture you just like that. I had just finished a run on a hot morning during my recent visit to New Orleans. Standing there, dripping sweat outside my parents’ Uptown home, I spotted a lizard on a fence post. As any New Orleanian knows, a lizard on a fenceContinue reading “The Mindfulness Lizard”

Wherein I Reveal the Meaning of Life

In Douglas Adams’s cult novel, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, several characters build a giant computer to tell them the meaning of life. After millions of years of experimentation, the computer (with much fanfare) finally spits out an answer: the number 42.  But that makes no sense! How can “42” be the answer toContinue reading “Wherein I Reveal the Meaning of Life”