More Than Words: A Sermon for D’varim 5775

Here’s a joke: It was the middle of Shabbat morning services, and the rabbi noticed that old Irv Cohen was asleep in the third row. So he elbowed the Temple President and said, “Cohen is asleep again. Go wake him up!” The President answered: “That’s not fair.” So the rabbi replied, “What do you mean?Continue reading “More Than Words: A Sermon for D’varim 5775”

Building an Inclusive Jewish Community

Both as a rabbi and as a parent, it is important to me that Judaism be inclusive of people with special needs. Today, more and more, young people who have Autism, Aspergers, Down’s Syndrome, and other similar challenges are being encouraged to participate to their full potential in Jewish life! Purely by coincidence, I’ve hadContinue reading “Building an Inclusive Jewish Community”

Books, Bullies, Beit Shemesh: A Sermon for Parashat Bo

My two older sons recently did something very strange and surprising: they started reading a lot! The reason is that they found a book – or actually a series of books – that they really like. It’s called Diary of a Wimpy Kid. It’s a fictional, first-person account of something most of us would ratherContinue reading “Books, Bullies, Beit Shemesh: A Sermon for Parashat Bo”