Sharing Our Home: Lessons from a Spider

(Following is the sermon I delivered on Yom Kippur morning 5779/2018.)   I had some help writing this sermon…from a spider. I’ll tell you about that in a few minutes, but first, a story. The midrash tells of a group of people traveling together over the water. They were traveling in a boat large enoughContinue reading “Sharing Our Home: Lessons from a Spider”

Don’t Blame “Not Me” – Why the Oil Spill is Our Fault

(A sermon on Chukkat) I love the Sunday comics. My wife laughs at me every week because as soon as the newspaper arrives, the first thing I do is open up to the comics. One comic, which is actually not among my favorites – is Family Circus. It tells about the daily life of aContinue reading “Don’t Blame “Not Me” – Why the Oil Spill is Our Fault”

Green Jews (and Other Green Religious People Too)

I was quoted briefly in this article in the Charlotte Observer this morning about religion and the environment:Believers say religion goes hand in hand with protecting the earth – (Of course the interview was much longer, but at least I got a paragraph!) We think of Environmentalism as a modern ethic, tied especially toContinue reading “Green Jews (and Other Green Religious People Too)”