Tu Bishevat: An Urgent Wake-up Call from Our Planet

Today is Tu Bishevat, the 15th of the Hebrew month of Shevat. It’s known as the “New Year of the Trees.” Why do trees need a new year? In ancient times, this was an accounting cutoff – the borderline between “last year’s produce” and “this year’s produce” for purposes of tithing to the Temple. WeContinue reading “Tu Bishevat: An Urgent Wake-up Call from Our Planet”

Don’t Blame “Not Me” – Why the Oil Spill is Our Fault

(A sermon on Chukkat) I love the Sunday comics. My wife laughs at me every week because as soon as the newspaper arrives, the first thing I do is open up to the comics. One comic, which is actually not among my favorites – is Family Circus. It tells about the daily life of aContinue reading “Don’t Blame “Not Me” – Why the Oil Spill is Our Fault”

Tu Bishevat. Doing Something About It.

I consider myself an environmentalist. I write about the earth, think about the earth, care about the earth. I wrote my rabbinical thesis partly on Judaism and the environment, and I helped found en environmental advocacy committee in my synagogue. I believe that rethinking our relationship to the earth is THE great challenge and THEContinue reading “Tu Bishevat. Doing Something About It.”

How (Not) to Trash the Earth

This is disturbing! Did you know there is a garbage dump the size of Texas in the middle of the Pacific? According to an article this morning, Light bulbs, bottle caps, toothbrushes, Popsicle sticks and tiny pieces of plastic, each the size of a grain of rice, inhabit the Pacific garbage patch, an area ofContinue reading “How (Not) to Trash the Earth”