Bringing Sense to the Senseless

On Sunday – taking advantage of the long-awaited spring weather – I got on the subway at Finch Station with my three kids and my parents, and we travelled downtown to the Royal Ontario Museum. Riding the Yonge line, I was aware (as I always am) of the incredible diversity around me – so manyContinue reading “Bringing Sense to the Senseless”

Opportunities and Challenges – A Sermon for Sh’lach Lecha 5775

This is the “messing up big-time” portion of the Torah. Over the next couple of weeks, we will read about two major incidents where the Israelites just simply screw up in God’s eyes. Next week, it will be the rebellion of Korach, who tries to usurp Moses and speak for God. And to whom badContinue reading “Opportunities and Challenges – A Sermon for Sh’lach Lecha 5775”