By the Rivers of Babylon

A Sermon for Yom Kippur Morning 5780   It’s not every day that a song attains popularity in two different years. It’s even more unusual when those two years are more than 25 centuries apart from each other. In 1970, a Jamaican reggae group called the Melodians released a song called “By the Rivers ofContinue reading “By the Rivers of Babylon”

From Other to Neighbour

A Sermon for Kol Nidrei 5780.   This past year we watched as migrant children were separated from their families at the US border. As people slept on the floors of crowded detention facilities.  We watched as our neighbour to the south struggled to know how to handle a flood of people coming from somewhereContinue reading “From Other to Neighbour”

Echad: A Sermon for Rosh Hashanah 5780

Chaim Yankl needed a new pair of pants. So he bought some of the finest material he could find and brought it to a tailor. He came back after a week, and the pants weren’t ready yet. After two weeks, still not ready. Three weeks, four weeks, five. Chaim Yankl was starting to get impatient.Continue reading “Echad: A Sermon for Rosh Hashanah 5780”

From Human Doing to Human Being: A Yom Kippur Sermon About Mindfulness

I’d like to introduce you to the philosophical treatise that has most influenced my life: Calvin & Hobbes. You may laugh, but anyone who’s ever read Calvin & Hobbes knows that it addresses serious questions about existence and values and meaning…all through the eyes of the world’s most precocious 6-year-old and his imaginary tiger friend.Continue reading “From Human Doing to Human Being: A Yom Kippur Sermon About Mindfulness”