Scholar in Residence


Are you ready to…

  • Find your own values, questions, and struggles in the Torah?
  • Meet the Midrash up close?
  • Argue with the sages of the Talmud?
  • Debate Judaism’s greatest philosophers?
  • Wrestle with Jewish practice, belief, and tradition – on your own terms?

Let me be your guide!

Discussions & Classes That Bring Jewish Texts to Life

Jews love to talk, right? To debate, discuss, challenge assumptions. It’s not just a cultural quirk – it’s a way of making meaning. For centuries we have been engaged in a multi-generational conversation, and have recorded it in our texts:

What is the nature of God?
Does prayer really “work?”
Why does suffering exist?
Why does community matter?
What matters more: ritual or ethics?
How do you find fulfilment in life?
What responsibilities do we have?
How do we make the world better?

Our Jewish sacred texts are the living record of our people’s search for meaning. Join me in conversation with them

“Rabbi Streiffer taught an excellent course to our congregation. He was engaging and knowledgeable, was well prepared with interesting and thoughtful texts, and we plan to invite him back to teach again.
Rabbi Stephen Wise
Shaarei-Beth El Congregation – Oakville, Ontario, Canada

“Rabbi Micah brings Torah to life with his depth of knowledge, insight & humour.”
Susan Proctor, Chair of Adult Education
Temple Beth El – Charlotte, North Carolina 
“Rabbi Streiffer, thank you so much for connecting with us online through video conference! We all learned a lot from you today! It was a very good experience for the students.
Prof. Tina Chiu
Fu-Jen University – Taipei, Taiwan

For more information or additional session topics please check out Rabbi Streiffer’s teaching brochure.

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