Let My People Go (For a Run)

This post is both Jewish and running-oriented, so I’m reblogging it here from my running blog. -MS

Running On Empty

“Freedom means the opportunity to be what we never thought we would be.”
– Daniel J Boorstin

This weekend we’ll celebrate Passover. As a rabbi, the themes of the Jewish holidays never far from the top of my mind. This one is a festival of freedom, celebrating the ancient Jews’ escape from slavery in Egypt. I’ve always thought that the themes of this holiday – slavery and freedom – speak deeply to modern life. Even though we are mostly free, we are rarely masters of our own time. The hours of our day are owned by work, by family obligations, by our cellphones and communication.

None of this is a bad thing. I feel lucky to have a job that I enjoy and a family that I love. But I’ve also been really bad about doing things for me. Running has helped change that a little bit.

As it has…

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