Woman Assaulted for Wearing Tefillin

JTA reported this incident before Shabbat: May 13, 2010 JERUSALEM (JTA) — A Jewish woman was attacked in Beersheba reportedly for having the imprints of tefillin lines visible on her arms. Noa Raz was physically assaulted Tuesday morning by an ultra-Orthodox man in Beersheba’s Central Bus Station, where she was waiting for a bus toContinue reading “Woman Assaulted for Wearing Tefillin”

Standing for the Rights of Women (and the Rest of Us) at the Wall

One month ago, a woman was arrested for wearing a tallit (prayer shawl) at the Western Wall. (Jerusalem Post article here.) It is illegal for women to pray as an organized group, to read Torah, or to wear a tallit at the Kotel, since these actions run counter to the sensibilities of certain sects ofContinue reading “Standing for the Rights of Women (and the Rest of Us) at the Wall”

Whose Kotel is it Anyway?

JTA and Haaretz are reporting that as of last Thursday, Israeli citizenship ceremonies for new immigrants will no longer be held at the Western Wall plaza in Jerusalem. This is in keeping with a demand from the rabbi of the Wall that mixed-gender ceremonies may not be held in the vicinity of the site. TheContinue reading “Whose Kotel is it Anyway?”