Torah Study

Weekly Study of the Torah Portion
From a Liberal Jewish Perspective

“Rabbi Micah brings Torah to life with his depth of knowledge, insight, and humor.”

Susan – Charlotte, North Carolina

Each week, Rabbi Micah Streiffer leads two dynamic, interactive study/discussion groups on the weekly Torah portion – one for beginning learners and one for anyone looking to deepen their Jewish knowledge and connection.

We focus on making modern meaning from our ancient texts – building knowledge of Torah and connecting more deeply with Judaism.

Both sessions are intended for liberal Jewish learners – i.e. progressive/non-Orthodox Jews who want to delve into Judaism. Both sessions are are held on Zoom.

Torah From the Beginning

Tuesdays at 3pm Eastern / Noon Pacific
1 Hour
Beginning Tuesday, October 18

“Torah From the Beginning” is for learners who are just beginning a journey of Jewish learning. Maybe you are considering conversion; maybe you forgot everything you learned in Hebrew school; maybe you haven’t yet had the opportunity to delve into the Torah; maybe you just need a refresher. This class is for you!

Each week we’ll study the weekly Torah portion, focusing on the “Who, What, When, Where, and Why.” We engage in guided discussion together about the themes, stories, and teachings of Judaism’s most essential book.

You’ll come away knowing the basics of the Torah’s story and contents, and being able to identify many of the important figures – such as Sarah, Abraham, Moses, Miriam, and others.

As well, we’ll have great discussions about what these timeless texts and stories mean for us and for modern Jewish life.

No prior knowledge is assumed!

Digging Deeper Into Torah

Fridays at Noon Eastern / 9am Pacific
1 Hour
Beginning Friday, October 21

“Digging Deeper” is for learners who have been through the Torah a bit and want to dig deeper – to expand their knowledge, to study the Jewish commentators, to relate Torah to larger philosophical, religious, and human issues. Each week we choose a section/story/passage in the Torah portion and explore it together, asking questions like:

  • Why does the text say what it says? What might have motivated the author(s) to write it this way?
  • What philosophical/ethical/religious issues does the text raise?
  • How have previous Jewish thinkers responded? How are their approaches like – and unlike – our own?
  • How does this passage inform Jewish practice and belief, both traditionally and today?

To help us in our discussion, we might also look at Rabbinic texts (Talmud, Midrash), medieval commentators like Rashi and Nachmanides, Jewish philosophy, and modern writings. All texts will be presented in English.


Micah is a great teacher who can take more academic subjects and make them accessible. He actively engages learners in conversation and helps them connect their own beliefs and practices with Jewish texts.

Rabbi Joel Simon – Tampa, Florida

Rabbi, the class today was so interesting and thought provoking! Thanks very much and I am very much looking forward to continuing our studies next week.”

Darlene – Toronto, Canada


  • Are you asking for a full-year commitment? No. We’re working to build a learning community that will meet on an ongoing basis, but we also understand that people’s lives change. The program is structured like a monthly membership, so you can withdraw at any time. But we hope you’ll stay forever!
  • What if I can’t make it every week? That’s OK – we’re not taking attendance. And we record the sessions so that you can see what you missed.
  • Can I try it out before I commit? Of course! When you sign up, the first month is a $1 trial. That gives you four weeks to decide whether the group is right for you.
  • Who is Rabbi Micah Streiffer and why would I want to learn Torah with him?  Micah a dynamic teacher, writer, congregational rabbi, and podcaster. His primary mission is to help liberal Jews connect with Judaism, with each other, and with themselves through meaningful engagement with Jewish texts. He hosts the popular Seven Minute Torah podcast – to which hundreds of people listen each week for a snippet of Torah learning. He is the founder of LAASOK, a learning community of liberal Jews.

What Does it Mean to Study the Torah From a Liberal Jewish Perspective?

  • Liberal Jews tend to view Jewish texts as “sacred human documents”: On the one hand, we believe Torah and other Jewish texts were written by human beings, and reflect the time and place of their origin. At the same time, we believe they reflect an ongoing, ever-evolving Jewish search for meaning – and that we are the latest participants in that search.
  • We operate on the principle that liberal (progressive/non-Orthodox) Jews are full owners and recipients of Jewish sacred texts. We don’t have to agree with everything our sources say – in fact, they often don’t agree with each other! By studying them, we enter into conversation with the generations of our people.
  • We value inclusiveness: We are fully egalitarian. We are fully inclusive of the LGBTQ community, those who are intermarried, and people of all backgrounds.
  • We value pluralism: We don’t always agree with each other. We make space for differences of opinion, belief and practice.
  • We value autonomy: We believe Jews are authorized and responsible to build a meaningful Jewish practice based on delving into our texts and making informed choices.

What About Cost?

The program is set up as a monthly subscription. The recommended monthly contribution is $36 per month.

However, no one will ever be turned away for financial reasons. If that amount is not possible, participants may choose to give any amount.

The first month is a $1 trial so you can check things out! You can cancel at any time.

How Do I Sign Up?

Just click above on the class you’d like to join, and you’ll be taken to a registration form. Questions? Email me!

Come join us to make modern meaning from ancient texts!

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