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Jewish learning for busy people!

With stories, lessons, and humour, Rabbi Micah Streiffer explores the weekly Torah portion in just 7 minutes. New episodes every Thursday or Friday, just in time for Shabbat.

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Mishpatim: Our Responsibility for the Vulnerable Seven Minute Torah

By reminding us that we were once slaves in Egypt, the Torah teaches that we are responsible to care for the vulnerable in society.   #Torah #JewishLearning #Podcast #SocialJustice
  1. Mishpatim: Our Responsibility for the Vulnerable
  2. Yitro: Our Own Sinai Moments
  3. B'shallach: Taking the long way to the Promised Land
  4. Bo: Hardening Our Hearts; Opening our Minds
  5. Va'era: Seeing Possibilities in Narrow Places
  6. Sh'mot: Power for Power's Sake
  7. Vay'chi: Looking Backwards and Ahead

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